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Project status – In development

Funding needed £3,000


Grow & Skate is a project Silbers CIC is going to be running at Temple Druid.

Grow & Skate is a project that will enrich the lives and health of young people their families and carers in the Pembrokeshire area. Grow & Skate is for everybody but in particularly for young people with additional needs; autistic, sensory processing disorder, ADHD, dyspraxia and so on. That enjoy nature and have an interest in learning about growing vegetables and herbs while having fun in a beautiful rural location with a small skate park and vegetable & herb garden environment, which promotes exercise, friendships, relaxation, education and wellbeing.


The aim of the project is to teach and inform young people their families and carers about the importance of eating healthily, shopping consciously and how to grow vegetables and herbs that are good for their wellbeing and why. We wish to focus on the food that is good for their digestive system and inform them how it affects the rest of their bodies and minds.

There’s no doubt in our minds that gardens engage and inspire young people, allowing us to reach them in fun, effective ways. There’s something contagious about the feel of dirt under your fingernails and the excitement generated by watching a living thing sprout, grow, and bloom under your care. A special feature of a garden as an educational tool is the flexibility it offers to develop and implement activities and programs for learners of all ages and abilities. Children with autism bloom in programs that couple inviting garden spaces with appropriately designed horticultural activities. The activities will either take place at the Grow & Skate garden or in the Temple Druid Organics gardens/poly tunnels. The wide range of skills needed to complete activities/tasks in the gardens, from logic to physical strength; means that the academic pecking orders are quickly forgotten about. The work done in the gardens has an ability to boost the young person’s confidence because it acts as a leveller.

herbs2The skate park will offer free lessons on how to ride and do tricks on scooters, skateboards and BMX’s for beginners once a week and will have open sessions for people to enjoy the skate park. The skate park will only allow a small group of young people to us it at a time. The personal challenges offered by extreme sports create enjoyment through learning how to overcome obstacles and use energy creatively. In an encouraging social environment, this excitement is a positive way of promoting exercise and maintaining good health. One of the goals of Grow & Skate is to make sure young people with additional needs have the same opportunities as their typically developing peers, because so often young people with additional needs feel that they can’t participate in these kinds of activities because they feel judged, miss understood or worse ignored and laughed at by their peers.

At Grow & Skate we have the experience and knowledge of working/caring/supporting/playing with young people and adults with additional needs.

Everyone that comes for the first time to Grow & Skate must take part in a 10min video/lesson on the importance of the digestive track and how the food we eat affects us mentally and physically. They may be attending to use the skate park, help in the garden, educational school trip, volunteer, apprentice or just want to hang out at Grow & Skate. Everyone must plant a seed and have their name next to it before being allowed to use the facilities. At the end of their first visit they will leave with a sample of the produce grown on site and the reason in simple to understand language (English/Welsh) why it’s good for them to eat and also be given a recipe on how to use the produce and why it’s good for them.


Every time that someone comes back to Grow & Skate they will look after their plant i.e. water, weed, trim or what ever is needed before it’s fully grown and then they take it home when it is. If they don’t come back we will sell their vegetables/herbs and give the proceeds back to maintaining the facilities at Grow & Skate.

The facilities will have a timetable of opening and closing times, their will always be an experienced person who has worked with people with additional needs on site supervising all the sessions. The facilities will be able to be booked for private parties or sessions for small groups at a cost. The general open sessions are free.  

herbsTheir will be a yearly picnic/skate jam where a few pro riders come down and show their riding to the young people, families and carers. Temple Druid Organics will offer some of their fresh produce to the event for everyone to enjoy. Their will also be a Q&A session with a nutritionists plus a raffle and prizes. All the food sold will be sugar, gluten and wheat free.

About 20 years ago in Western countries the incidence of autism used to be on average one child in 10,000. It’s estimated that about 1 in every 100 people in the UK has autism. More boys are diagnosed with the condition than girls.

Autism is a condition that affects social interaction, communication, interests and behaviour. In children with autism, the symptoms are present before three years of age, although a diagnosis can sometimes be made after the age of three.

There has been lots of research done in resent years connecting the state of a person’s disability and their digestive system. Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride MD has lead the way in this topic and has written a book called the Gut and Psychology Syndrome and is the innovator of the GAPs diet. The goal of the GAPS diet is to starve the harmful bacteria in the gut while replacing it with the beneficial bacteria thus resolving the gut dysbiosis.

Dr Andrew Wakefield, a consultant gastro-enterologist at the Royal Free Hospital in London, and his team published their research, suggesting a connection between chronic inflammatory bowel disease and autism.

A lot of parents/carers with young people with autism, ADHD,ADD, asthma, eczema, allergies, dyspraxia, or dyslexia may not mention their child’s digestive system, yet when asked direct questions would describe a plethora of gut problems. The young person’s digestive system holds the key to the child’s mental development.

It’s a matter of personal choice for the families/carer/professional of how to approach a person’s disability. Some people would never consider changing their diet and would rather choose drugs or other methods of treatments.

At Skate & Grow we have a network of professional nutritionist, kinesiology’s and dieticians that we would signpost someone if they were interested in getting an individual dietary programme done for themselves. There will also be a free weekly open session where anybody involved with Grow & Skate can sign up and receive a free consultation by our in house nutritionist on a donation basis.

We think it’s important to make an informed choice with your health rather than just accepting what your doctor tells you.

The human body has an incredible ability to heal itself, given the right help. This is particularly true of children. However, nature does not work fast. The purpose of a dietary treatment is to detoxify the person, to lift the toxic fog off the brain to allow it to develop and function properly in order to achieve what it needs to do:

Fist: To clean up and heal the digestive track, so it stops being the major source of toxicity in the body and becomes the source of nourishment, as it is supposed to be. Second: To remove toxicity, already stored in various tissues in the persons body.

With Grow & Skate we wish to inform/teach the young person and their families/cares of the importance of what a good diet can have on them and how it affects the mental/physical state of their body while being in a beautiful, fun and interactive setting.

If you are interested in becoming a visitor/sponsor/supporter/volunteer of Grow & Skate, please don’t hesitate to contact

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