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Visiting, Volunteering and Spending time at Temple Druid

2016 has been a busy one for all the TD crew.  We have had many people come to this beautiful land to lend a hand, give support or just connect with us.  After reviewing the feedback from everyone and thinking through what would work for us and those who visit, we have revamped next year’s sessions.  We hope they are a little more flexible and give a variety of ways in which you can come and be with us here at Temple Druid.

Visitor Sessions; 9th Feb, 14th April, 16th June, 1 Aug and 9th Nov.

We will be holding 6 visitor sessions in 2017.  These sessions are roughly 3 hours long, from 10am-1pm  and will include;

  • A welcome briefing of the history of Temple Druid from the Bronze Age to date
  • A tour of the downstairs of the John Nash designed House and Barns
  • A guided walk through some of the gardens and land at Temple Druid
  • A brief outline of the current communities aims, objectives and projects
  • A cup of something warm or cold

These sessions would suit those who want to take a peek the history of the house and land, meet some of those who currently live and work here, and find out more about the regeneration of the house and associated projects.  We are suggesting a donation of £10 per adult for this tour and tea ☺   We are open to groups (such as schools or historical societies) contacting us in advance to make group bookings.

Volunteer Days & Weekends

See our Volunteer Here page for dates.

We know that not everyone can offer to be with us for a whole weekend, and we have had requests for different types of ways that people can help here.  So to this end we are able to offer the following:

Bespoke Volunteering: Do you have a particular skill or want to help with a particular project? Then you can contact individual community members via the email to offer your help and arrange times to suit.

Volunteer Days: These are days when the community is focused on one or two general projects at the estate (eg: logging, land husbandry, planting, decorating etc) These dates are generally the 3rd Sunday of the month (except Aug).  We will provide you a lovely simple vegetarian lunch in return for your day of helping.  We will not be able to provide any accommodation during these days. See our Volunteer Here page for dates.

Volunteer Weekends: We are holding a couple of  weekends in 2017 where people will have the opportunity to bring their own camping gear and camp on the land (Friday afternoon – Sunday evening) in return for helping out on the Saturday and Sunday.  A vegetarian lunch will be provided each day. These weekends are an excellent opportunity for prospective members  to meet the community, get a feel for Temple Druid and discuss the stages to joining our community. For more information see the Live Here page. Dates for 2017-  July 21st-23rd.

Celebration Days: There will be three events next year at Temple Druid which will be open to all.  We have won a small pot from the Lottery to help us create some amazing days for the whole family,  offering workshops, displays, activities and adventure.  The days will be free for all to attend with an option to make a donation for the experience.  

11th March- our Spring Celebration, 8th July we celebrate summer & 16th Sept Autumn Celebration. 


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