Having a busy old time….

Since the completion of the sale we’ve had a busy old time here at Temple Druid!

The stormy weather had blown down a tree that we needed to get cut up and off our neighbours land, so we borrowed a 4X4 and trailer and the guys set to work!

Some goats have arrived and are settling in well with our neighbours goat…Branwen and Pablo have joined Maisie!

fallen tree goats horse ride

The children got to have a cart ride with Jilly and Billy…they were so excited!

shadow funeral rope swing

Sadly we lost a couple of our members…Shadow the cat passed away and Boo our oldest chicken, so there were 2 little funerals within days of each other, the children gathered offerings and sang beautiful songs to mark their passings.

The swing rope was moved…Tom took the job of tree climbing to reposition it!

Here are the children having fun in Ishwara’s play house in the garden. They are planning to open a Kids Cafe in the summer!playing

Rachael’s workshop was trailered in, the blokes had quite a mission moving it! It’s in the process of being clad in wood now.shed move


The sunny weather has now arrived….hopefully our wellies can go away for a bit….probably not!

We hope some of you reading this might join us for our Volunteer Days-

Volunteer Weekend Dates for 2016-
May 27/28/29

June 24/25/26

July 29/30/31

September 16/17/18

October 21/22/23

If you are interested in helping out  please contact Jules on info@templedruid.org who will send you more details.