Grow Together


The Grow Together Project is delivered by Silbers CIC at Temple Druid the organisation is a rural land based not for profit Community Company that engages the community in particular children, youth groups, carers and their families.


THE GROW TOGETHER project offers environmental food growing and environmental skills sessions that engage vulnerable and sometimes complex children aged 7+, young people aged 18-24yrs, carers and their families.


The skills sessions show people how to plan and grow healthy food such as fruit & vegetables. We have a planned program of sessions that anyone can take part in that develops participants skills and knowledge about food growing & the environment.


The project seeks to promote active learning and skills development because some of the individuals and groups we want to engage have complex needs such as ADHD & Autism. Sessions offer individuals the chance to learn about tool use, personal safety, planning to grow crops, planting and harvesting food to eat plus nutritional information for day to day healthy eating.


The project engages a broad range of people that live in rurally disadvantaged and isolated communities in Pembrokeshire and areas identified as deprived on the WIMD some of which fall into the Communities First area catergory such as the Haverfordwest area. Many of the project potential beneficiaries have been identified as they will be referred via third sector organisations, schools and self referrals from these communities who will access the project. The project is open to all and anyone wanting to engage can do so.


There is a lack of opportunities for children, young people, carers and families to grow their own food due to limited access to space or housing issues.


Parenting a child with addition needs can be exhausting and often parents/cares feel caught endless power struggles with their children, constantly fire fighting difficult behaviours. Our experience facilitators create a safe space in the natural environment and design activities that allow parents and children/young people to reset their relationship and begin to have fun together.


The project also aims to develop skills, bonds, remove stigma and barriers to engaging in activities and create social networks that help people build confidence and improve their quality of life along with growing healthy food to eat.