Clearing up….

We had such a great day together today clearing the overgrown and ‘trash’ dumped part of the entrance to make a space for visitors to our ‘new members open day’.

We asked the land to help our endeavours, thanked the nettles for giving their energy and chanted the appropriate mantras for each area. The rain held off mostly and the brambles yealded with little resistance. Nettles were gathered for soup and drying and more for the compost. Old cuttings from the previous clearing of the drive were also gathered and we were able to burn these with some other old bits and bobs. We discovered that previously someone had left a rather large pile of clippings over which the brambles had grown. These have now been sorted too with perhaps some lovely charcoal made from some of the slowly cooked wood!

Lastly we gave thanks to nature & spirits for such a rewarding day and tomorrow on the full moon we will make offerings to the land and any sprits that may have been disturbed.

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