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Temple Druid News and Views!

Warming winter tales to warm your heart.

Saint Dwynwen’s day or Valentines day?

The crisp winter days have suddenly turned into a misty gentle rain, and this has meant that the ground has become more sodden and muddy!

We have realised a few things living here.
1. The importance of really good insulation and
2. The importance of a massive stock pile of dry wood!

These are things we are continuing to work on through the winter months and any help with either is always warmly welcomed!

We also recently discovered that in Wales the day of lovers is celebrated on the 25th of January. It is known as Saint Dwynwen’s Day. She was a 5th century princess who became patron saint of Welsh lovers, after a tragic love story of her own! We hope that what ever you might be celebrating this month, you have a snuggly warm space to *’cwtch’ in!

We have also started work on one of the upstairs bedrooms, and were surprised to find about 10 years of earth in the chimney. This was most likely the reason that it was impossible to dry the walls out in both adjoining bedrooms!

So as we roll on towards the welcome embrace of spring, we look forward to seeing many of you at Temple Druid!

*cwtch – Welsh word for an affectionate hug!
You can help us in many ways!
Loans & loan stock
Donations : finances or items
Volunteer help at Temple Druid
Volunteer time (for example to help write bids or fund raise)

All New Visitor & Volunteer Sessions for 2017!

Temple Druid is a glorious place to visit, but it also needs a great deal of up-keep! We greatly appreciate all the wonderful help, energy and love that we get from all our visitors, small and tall! This year we are trying a new types of sessions which are more regular, plus having some longer weekends for those who like to stay or who have a long way to travel.

Our next visitor session is Thursday 9th February 2017

Please email us on to book your visit.

The session is 10am – 1pm and includes:
A welcome briefing of the history of Temple Druid from the Bronze Age to date
A tour of the downstairs of the John Nash designed House and Barns
A guided walk through some of the gardens and land at Temple Druid
A brief outline of the current communities aims, objectives and projects
A cup of something warm or cold

These sessions would suit those who want to take a peek the history of the house and land, meet some of those who currently live and work here, and find out more about the regeneration of the house and associated projects. We are suggesting a donation of £10 per adult for this tour and tea. We are open to groups (such as schools or historical societies) contacting us in advance to make group bookings.

Our next Volunteer Day is Sunday 19th February!

These are days when the community is focused on one or two general projects at the estate (eg: logging, land husbandry, planting, decorating etc) These dates are generally the 3rd Sunday of the month (except September). We will provide you a lovely simple vegetarian lunch in return for your day of helping. We will not be able to provide any accommodation during these days.

Please contact us for more details! or visit the website

Kids, get your pencils out and get drawing for our competition! Closing date is the 14th of February!


Retreats & Workshops 2017

A range of wonderful workshops and retreats are being held this year at Temple Druid.
Please click on a link for more information:

Family Bushcraft (kids go FREE!) 14~17 April
Spritual Development 28~ 1 May
Live long ~ Live Strong 23~26 June
Meditation Retreat 14~17 July
Wisdom Within Retreat 4~7 August
Healing Retreat 8~11 September

For full details of these retreats please click on this link or email


Workshops, courses and retreats with Rachael

Thirteen Moons Journey , Shamanic Drum Making, Red Tent events, Scar Sister days
Journey into Womanhood – Mothers & Daughters Retreat

For more about these events please click on the following link or email

Autumn reflections…Temple Druid Newsletter

The end of September and throughout October we were blessed with some lovely Autumnal weather! It actually stopped raining for weeks at a time and the sun shone beautifully in the blue skies.

This meant that we could really crack on with some outdoor work on the house and land and with our amazing band of volunteers a number of jobs got done.

Thanks to craftsman and volunteer Jason and his trusty assistant James, the beautiful new log burner was installed in the snug. This was was possible with a generous donation from Mike and our thanks goes to him, Jason, James and everyone who helped!

The house as a whole also got a little face life. Rachael and Jules balanced on the scaffolding in the dusk for a few evenings to remove the bee’s nest in the eves. This was fairly dangerous work, but they were determined to move the bee’s in as gentle way as was possible. Doing this at dusk meant the bees were less aggressive. The next day however the remaining bee’s swarmed and nearly went down the chimney to make a new nest! With a little magic and a lot of luck, the bee’s were somehow persuaded by Jules to put themselves into a box on the floor! What a result! They were then relocated to the top field!

Tom and James also got to grips with the entrance restoring it to is former glory. The scaffold allowed the team to get on with restoring and repairing guttering, fascias as well as getting a wonderful view of the land!

Many of the downstairs windows are in need of extensive repair and as the house is listed we did not have time to overall them properly. This will be part of the restoration work bid that we are preparing for the Heritage Lottery Fund. We did however, ensure that they were treated to stop any further deterioration and smartened up to match the rest of the tidy house!

Our willing workers in October were blessed with sunshine rays as they worked tirelessly with the TD team to clear the kitchen garden, bring in the corn,apple and raspberry harvest, clear the small poly tunnel, mend the track to the house and trim the extensive hedge and tree line on the drive. The fountain was also cleared and tidied.

As we move into November James and Tom have got to grips with the back wall of the house and they are filling the gaps with Lime plaster before it gets a paint.

Wood chopping, collection and storage is a massive priority here as we head to winter. A group of us were able to get up to the large barn and begin to cut and stack wood to season. This is a job that is continuous throughout the year and its amazing how a few people working together for a few hours can make great inroads into this task!

It is also important to acknowledge all that goes on behind the scenes. A lot of writing bids, running the database and emails, banking and generally organising stuff. Shona has been particularly involved with the Heritage Lottery Bid and managed to get a first section actioned! (see more below)

As a group we have only owned the house for a few months and at times it doesn’t seem that we are making much progress. However, when we look back at the photos and remember what has been achieved this year, we feel very thankful to all those that have come and lent a hand, made donations or just sent their heart felt good wishes to us which helps us to keep going.
Blackberry Open Day!

In September we held a community blackberry day. We opened the top area to visitors. We were blessed with lovely weather as we served refreshments and watched the children play handstands, chase and hide and seek. Next year we hope to run more open days, and have put a bid into the community ‘Celebrate’ lottery fund. Lets keep our fingers crossed in the hope we are successful!

Gnirob Krowrepap

No it wasn’t a mistake, its just the editors strange sense of humour about paperwork! See if you can work out the title of this piece! (answers by email please!)

As the days get shorter, usually a time of rest can be had. We however need to turn on our lights and computers and start writing a range of bids to further our vision. We have allocated different tasks in the group, but we would always welcome help and advice from those who are experienced in this kind of work. If you have any ideas or think you can help, we would love to hear from you!

We are currently focusing on: Heritage Lottery Funding Bid for the house and barn refurbishment and One Planet Permissions.

We have internet so Skype, email and phone support is welcomed! Please consider this, as it may well mean we can emerge next spring from the paper pile!
Animal Antics!

Late summer and autumn has brought some funny antics from the animals here. Many of you like to know what they have been doing so we thought we would bring you up to date!

Poor Masie fell over and hit her face resulting in four teeth being lost. Some fell straight out, the others were unfortunately flapping in her mouth and needed the vet to visit (not a happy bunny!) She has recovered well however, and seems not to mind munching on the toothy side! Branwen didnt want to be outdone so she decided that she would begin to jump over 4 foot clean out of the goat pen and walk along the wall to eat all the yummy branches normally out of reach.

Our bantam hen didn’t manage to hatch the eggs she had, despite her best efforts (probably not fertilised) so we bought her some day old chicks and she adopted them instantly! They are a bigger breed than she is and right now they are growing taller than her! The other small bantam hen got a fracture, but after looking on the internet, Jules found that she could splint her leg and it would mend brilliantly!

The local cow herd surprised us one day by managing to escape in to our top fields, resulting in a few of them frolicking in the meadow for a while!

And last but not least, a stray cat gave birth on a beam high in the barn. One kitten dropped from the beam before she moved the other three to lower ground. Fortunately the little black kitten was found as it was mewing weakly and due to the gentle care and healing from those that were around, it became strong enough to join its mum and siblings! We temporarily named that one Lucky of course!
Volunteer Weekends 2017
Thank you to all those who have given time to help us over the past year. We have had a lot of fun and met a wide range of lovely people of all ages. If you are interested in volunteering for a weekend with us, send an email to

We have yet to decide on the dates for next year, but if you feel inspired, look out for the next email or check in with the website in a few weeks!
Retreats & Workshops 2017

There are a number of retreats and workshops being planned for 2017. Please click on a link for more information:

Thirteen moons journey
Weekend Retreats
Six individual weekend retreats covering a wide range of subjects with Jules and Jimmi from April – September.
More info click here!
Red Tent Events
with Rachael

Meditation Retreat at Temple Druid


Meditation Retreat Aug 16Meditation Retreat

1 ~ 5 August 2016

This retreat will offer each participant an opportunity to develop their practice at a pace that is right for them. This retreat is based on Buddhist principles, but does not require participants to be Buddhist or convert from their own religious/spiritual beliefs. All spiritual backgrounds or none are very welcome and we positively encourage discussion in these areas.

To book on or for further info, contact Jules or call 01437 532957

There will be opportunities for 1-1 sessions through out the week if participants feel they need to think through and discuss any issues that are arising in their practice.

Liquid refreshments are available throughout the day along with 3 vegetarian meals. Please feel free to bring along cakes, snacks and fruit to share.

Monday 1st August

  • noon arrival, refreshments & settling in

  • 14.00 program outline, discussion and land walk

  • 15.00 meditation session

  • 18.30 evening meal & clear up

  • 20.00 meditation session

  • 21.00 fire and discussion – the noble eightfold path

Tuesday 2nd August

(introspection – the six sense doors & three feeling tones)

  • 07.00 morning meditation

  • 08.30 breakfast

  • 10.00 discussion ~ introspection and senses

  • 10.30 meditation session

  • 12.30 lunch

  • 14.00 meditation session

  • 16.00 refreshment break

  • 16.30 silent guided walk

  • 18.00 silent meal in the Zen tradition

  • 20.00 evening meditation

  • 21.30 fire & discussion

Wednesday 3rd August

(roots of mind & five precepts)

  • 07.00 morning meditation

  • 08.30 breakfast

  • 10.00 discussion ~ roots of mind & five precepts

  • 10.30 meditation session

  • 12.30 lunch

  • 14.00 meditation session

  • 16.00 refreshment break

  • 16.30 self reflective practice

  • 18.00 evening meal

  • 20.00 evening meditation

  • 21.30 fire & discussion

Thursday 4th August

(four noble truths & four metta phases)

  • 07.00 morning meditation

  • 08.30 breakfast

  • 10.00 discussion ~ 4 noble truths & 4 metta phases

  • 11.00 meditation session

  • 12.30 lunch

  • 14.00 meditation session

  • 16.00 refreshment break

  • 16.30 meditation session

  • 18.00 evening meal

  • 20.00 meditation session

  • 21.30 fire & discussion

Friday 5th August

(the eight vicissitudes)

  • 07.00 morning meditation

  • 08.30 breakfast

  • 10.00 discussion ~ the eight vicissitudes

  • 11.00 meditation session

  • 12.30 lunch

  • 14.00 closing discussion, evaluation and meditation

Wisdom Within Retreat At Temple Druid

Wisdom WithinWisdom Within Retreat

This retreat is set over 4 days, in the grounds of Temple Druid, Pembrokeshire. The programme is designed to support each participant to discover their own strengths and challenges from past lives and bring the knowledge to this life. Understanding your whole self, can bring new energy and focus to this life, enabling you to break free from old cycles or patterns and feel more connected and confident to move forward with new ideas and challenges.

To book on or for further info, contact Jules or call 01437 532957

is provided in tents, however you are very welcome to bring your own tipi, yurt, bender, tent, caravan or other!

Food & refreshments are provided throughout the retreat. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be ample vegetarian feasts with tea, coffee and other beverages available throughout the day.

Toilets & Showers will be rustic! We have a beautiful compost toilet and are hoping to construct a shower/bathing amenity in time for the retreat!

Travel & parking. You are welcome to drive to within 100 mtrs of the venue. Please be aware that access is by a steep slate track, and parking is on site. You can also travel by train and pick up from Clunderwen station will be available.


Throughout the 4 days there will be opportunity for both self reflection and group discussion. You will be encouraged to keep your own journal of discovery over the weekend.

Friday 22nd July (Arrive from noon onwards)

The beginning’

  • 16.00 ~ bespoke 1-1 past life sessions begin

  • 18.00 ~ evening meal

  • 19.30 ~ the journey unveiled – opening ceremony,

discussion, questions and answers, initial teaching of the connective movement practice.

Saturday 23rd July

Unveiling the light’

  • 08.00 ~ connective movement practice

  • 08.15 ~ breakfast

  • 09.30 ~ morning guided meditation

  • 10.30 ~ refreshment break

  • 11.00 ~ shamanic journey

  • 13.00 ~ lunch

  • 14.30 ~ questioned reflective space/walk

  • 16.00 ~ group reflective discussion

  • 18.00 ~ dinner

  • 20.00 ~ fire meditation

Sunday 24th July

Embracing the dark’

  • 08.00 ~ connective movement practice

  • 08.30 ~ breakfast

  • 10.00 ~ guided meditation

  • 11.00 ~ questioned reflective space/walk

  • 12.30 ~ lunch

  • 13.30 ~ beach experience/ exploring our dark side

  • 18.00 ~ dinner

  • 19.30 ~ fire and reflective discussion

Monday 25th July

Yin & Yang circle’

  • 08.00 ~ connective movement practice

  • 08.30 ~ breakfast

  • 10.00 ~ shamanic journey – making a whole

  • 11.30 ~ refreshment break

  • 12.00 ~ reflective group

  • 13.00 ~ lunch

  • 14.00 ~ closing ceremony