Vision & Ethos

A work in progress……!!!

Our community mission

To be a year-round source of high quality organic food and Therapeutic holistic retreat centre for all within a sustainable farm and woodland environment. Some of our projects have a particular focus of working with vulnerable children and adults.

The principles guiding the Temple Druid Community activities are

A deepening respect for the natural world and a growing understanding of the interconnectedness of all life

A belief in learning through experience, creative engagement and enquiry

An acknowledgement of the value of stillness and awareness.

The uniqueness, potential and intrinsic value of each individual

We aspire to be a living demonstration of these principles in all our activities

Key Aims for 2017-2021

We will develop a range of innovative educational/therapeutic/ fun/ developmental activities based on a sense of Temple Druid as a special place.
We will grow and sell organic produce “Temple Druid Organics”.
Ensure the land is managed using sustainable practices through recognised schemes such as organic accreditation, environmental stewardship.
Encourage and support creative, innovative contributors and have an open door to individuals and groups from all faiths or none.
Enhance the main house, redundant buildings and landscape at Temple Druid through active use and Developing an Estate Management Plan.

Type of Community-
Ecovillage (organised around ecology and sustainability.)
Cohousing (individual homes within group owned property.)
Shared Housing (multiple individuals sharing a dwelling.)
Spiritual, Educational, Volunteers & WWOOF’ing
Ethical Business

Community Housing – Land, Buildings, & Energy

Is housing available on your site for your Community members?
Yes, for all or most members.

Number of planned residences?

How much land does your Community have?
56 acres

Who owns your land?
Non-profit Company

Do you share a common area (house, building, or space)?

If you share a common area, approximately how big is it (in square feet)?
2857 sq feet

What % of Energy does your Community generate from renewable sources?
Up to 25%

What % of Energy does your Community aspire to generate from renewable sources?
Almost All, up to 90%

Energy Sources
Connected to the Grid

Community Membership

How many adult members live day to day in your Community?

How many children live day to day in your Community?

How many people live day to day at your Community who are not members?

What percentage of your population is comprised of female-identified individuals?

What percentage of your population is comprised of male-identified individuals?

What percentage of your population is comprised of trans gender identified individuals?

Is your Community open to visitors?

Please describe what someone should do if they would like to visit your Community.
Contact though website

Is your Community open to new members?

Please briefly describe the membership process for your Community.
See our Live Here page

Is your community spiritual or religious in nature?

What spiritual traditions are practiced at your community?
Ecumenical (accepts all religions or spiritual practices)
Eclectic (integrates multiple religious or spiritual beliefs)

Which spiritual or religious traditions are observed in your community?
People have their own practice and share in group celebrations and rituals

Education Styles
Up to each individual family

For your school-aged children, which of these education options are used or planned for?
Up to each individual family

Community Government – Leadership & Decision Making
Which decision making method does your Community primarily use?
Consensus + (everyone agrees, except for up to 3 people.)

Does your community have an identified leader?

Does your community have a core leadership group?
Yes (full members of the community)

Community Economics – Labour & Money
To what extent do members of your Community share income?
Members have completely independent finances

To what extent do members of your Community share expenses?
Close to all expenses

Is your Community willing to consider people for membership with pre-existing debt?

Are members in your Community regularly required to contribute labor to the group?

How many labour hours are required weekly?
There is an expectation that members participate in a wide range of activities, cooking, maintenance, some will fall in to day to day activities and others will be more defined such as meetings or admin work. Our guideline is 1 day a week, this can be flexible according to the needs of each individual.

Does your Community require a fee for joining?

How much is the fee for joining?

Are members expected to regularly contribute money to the group?

How much is the ongoing contribution (per month)? £300-500 (dependant on the number of families in the community, the costs will lessen as new families join) plus £50 to a community account for extra expenses.

Community Diet – Food, Alcohol, Tobacco
How frequently do all (or many) of your Community members eat together?
About once a week

What % of your Food do you currently produce?
Up to 25%

What % of your Food does your Community aspire to produce?
From 50-75%

What % of your Food is currently Produced Locally? (within 150 miles)
Determined by Individuals or Households.

What are the typical eating preferences in your community?

Dietary Preferences
Mostly Vegetarian

How important is it that everyone in your community has the same dietary practices?.
Not that important but there are some dietary restrictions and intolerances for some members.

Alcohol Use
Yes, used occasionally

Tobacco Use
Yes, used occasionally (away from children in designated areas)

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