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Pulsing at Temple Druid

james2 (2)James Silbers is a Certificated Pulsing Practitioner and his main purpose is to support and encourage his clients in achieving health, well-being and an active enjoyment of life.
“I specialise in a gentle and empowering form of hands-on body therapy to facilitate deep relaxation, alleviate muscular tension and joint stiffness, improve your energy levels and balance your body and mind.
My safe, non-intrusive body work is especially beneficial for those of you who are really stressed and needing some nurturing time for yourselves. What I offer is also beneficial for a wide range of health conditions and for enhancing your overall wellbeing.
I have found Pulsing to be a very powerful yet gentle tool for promoting deep relaxation, releasing stress and tension, facilitating awareness of the body mind connection, alleviating pain and discomfort and promoting and enhancing wellness on all levels, conscious and unconscious, emotional and physical.
Pulsing is a rhythmic, rocking form of bodywork that allows you to increase your sensitivity to your body and engage in a process of dynamic re-patterning of body, mind and spirit.
Pulsing is often described as “The Tai Chi of massage”. While this captures something of its spirit, Pulsing actually contains little of what most people would consider as ‘massage.’ The client lies on a couch, but may remain fully clothed; no oil is used and there are no long strokes or deep work on the muscles. Rather than working soft tissue, Pulsing works more with the skeletal system to improve mobility and movement.
For most of the session the therapist will be rocking your body using a soft, regular rhythm; the speed may vary at times according to whether there is a need to be more gentle and nurturing or more energising. At times, arms and legs may be lifted, stretched, bounced, shaken or rotated to encourage mobility. There will often be a lot of work on the head and neck to release deep-seated tension. During this, the client is encouraged to simply relax into the movement and connect with breath and awareness to the pulse of their body. Sometimes the whole body will spontaneously relax and ride the wave of long, flowing movement.
A Pulsing session can be conducted in various modes, according to the client’s needs. Pulsing sessions can be used as a manual therapy to promote deep relaxation and musculoskeletal realignment. Others sessions can be used as a bodymind therapy, encouraging emotional release as part of a process of dissolving character and body armour. The client may choose to engage with playfulness, laughter, anger or tears; sink into the supportive, nurturing rhythm; or enter a deeply relaxed meditative state. A session may include any or all of these.
Clients after a session report feeling nurtured, supported, deeply relaxed and energised. There is usually a greater sense of aliveness, lightness and freedom of movement. It is a nurturing, blissful and liberating form of bodywork – arguably it is one of the very best: few others leave the receiver with such a feeling of profound relaxation combined with aliveness.
If you’d like to book a session for £40 or have any questions send me an email to or give me a call on 01437532957

Clearing up….

We had such a great day together today clearing the overgrown and ‘trash’ dumped part of the entrance to make a space for visitors to our ‘new members open day’.

We asked the land to help our endeavours, thanked the nettles for giving their energy and chanted the appropriate mantras for each area. The rain held off mostly and the brambles yealded with little resistance. Nettles were gathered for soup and drying and more for the compost. Old cuttings from the previous clearing of the drive were also gathered and we were able to burn these with some other old bits and bobs. We discovered that previously someone had left a rather large pile of clippings over which the brambles had grown. These have now been sorted too with perhaps some lovely charcoal made from some of the slowly cooked wood!

Lastly we gave thanks to nature & spirits for such a rewarding day and tomorrow on the full moon we will make offerings to the land and any sprits that may have been disturbed.

Beltane Celebrations!

We celebrated Beltane with a dance around the maypole, then a roaring fire, throwing logs in to “let go” of what no longer serves us, tying wish ribbons on the Hawthorne tree, sharing food and then later there was some jumping over the fire! What a lovely evening!