A Brief History of the community group

The Temple Druid Community formed in the spring of 2014, when we heard that Temple Druid house and land was going to be sold.

We are a group – 6 adults and 3 children, our interests are wide; gardening, beekeeping, holistic therapies, sharing spiritual practices, love of nature, Steiner Education, permaculture, and our skills include teaching, carpentry/woodwork, youth work, practical skills facilitation, psychiatric nursing, landscaping, social work, business skills, BMX, work in the charity sector, secretarial work, mens and womens work and more!
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TD Car Park Clear 2


We formed a company with the express interest in purchasing Temple Druid and of developing a therapeutic holistic retreat centre for disadvantaged children/families and vulnerable adults.

Our long term goals include having several new members joining us over the next 5-10 years, developing sustainable ecological housing though restoration of barns, out houses, self builds and a market garden.

One of the families began living at Temple Druid in the spring of  2015, and have begun in earnest to clear and regenerate the grounds and house.  There is much to do!

Our purchase of the property was completed in April 2016.

All of the community share an interest in the preservation of the Temple Druid land, sustainability of the Estate and in creating a mutually supportive community for all those who visit or live here.

We hope to offer access to an inspiring, nourishing environment in order that people have the opportunity to participate and explore that which brings meaning to their lives through interaction with the natural world and each other.
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The principles guiding the Temple Druid Community activities are:

  • A deepening respect for the natural world and a growing understanding of the interconnectedness of all life

  • A belief in learning through experience, creative engagement and enquiry

  • An acknowledgement of the value of stillness and awareness.
  • The uniqueness, potential and intrinsic value of each individual
  • We aspire to be a living demonstration of these principles in all our activities

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Key Aims for 2017-2021

  1. We will develop a range of innovative educational/therapeutic/ fun/ developmental activities based on a sense of Temple Druid as a special place.
  2. We will grow produce.
  3. Ensure the land is managed using sustainable practices through recognised schemes such as organic accreditation, environmental stewardship.
  4. Encourage and support creative, innovative contributors and have an open door to individuals and groups from all faiths or none.
  5. Enhance the main house, redundant buildings and landscape at Temple Druid through active use and Developing an Estate Management Plan.

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Temple Druid Ltd Company, Not for Profit, Company Number 9238932